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Baman Studio’s creative foundations derive from the twenty years of experience and the passion for drawing of Antonella Todisco, Barbara Zangiacomi e Marco Ghezzi Tuia. The studio is based in Milano, a city that represents a major confluence of global trends and artistic development.


Within the past few years, Baman has become a respected source of creative design on the international home design scene.  Major high-end editors, jobbers and manufacturers as well as the retailing ends of Europe, USA, Korea, Japan, Turkey have continually turned to Baman for their textile design needs.


Baman Studio works primarily with both printed & woven textiles for home: upholstery, curtains, bedlinen, rugs, table tops. Paper products such as wall coverings and gifts are an equally important end-use for our design work. From a technical standpoint, our portfolio also offers a wide array of designs for digital printing, embroidery, sheers as well as simple 1-2 color constructions.

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